Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Recession Wardrobe: Show off those legs!

I love wearing dresses that show off a little bit of leg. I can't get enough of them. Now is the perfect time to show off your legs and wear a hottest dresses you can find. Remember that different dresses call for different occasions.

For Play: When you're going out to lunch or shopping with friends

New York & Company, Strapless Flower print dress, $35

For Work: Even though dress codes slack a little in the summer, you still want to dress to impress

Ann Taylor, Orange Peel Sheath dress, $30

For Dates: Show enough skin, but not too much. Let him imagination run wild when he sees you

Arden B, Sequin patchwork dress; $39.99

For Nights Out: You want to wear something cute, but you also want to be comfortable

Forever 21, Abstract splash dress; $22.80

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Fade to Black said...

im laughing so hard right now because I own 2 of these dresses!