Sunday, March 8, 2009

White-Knight Syndrome

Lance Gross, he seems like the optimal white knight

According to Cosmo Magazine, White-Knight Syndrome is when a girl has dreamed up every detail of her ideal man and she's spends so much time looking for Mr. Right, that she spoils her view of the great guys she meets everyday. I have diagnosed myself with this syndrome because I have my idea of the "perfect" guy for me and I automatically write-off any romantic interests that don't meet my criteria.

Paul Walker, why can't I "bump" into guys like this everyday?

My ideal guy is intelligent, has some type of relationship with God, very attractive (doesn't matter what skin complexion, just as long as he is fine!), well-spoken, charming, has a great smile, would help if he is college educated (but not a requirement), driven, motivated, can dance, dresses well, is taller than 5'11, has a nice body, can make me laugh, doesn't like to stay in the house too much, stays out of trouble, and has an adventurous side.

Nate Parker, he's extremely intelligent and well spoken

Ok, so that list seems a bit long but I know there are guys out there like this! But, I also know I created this list as a way to avoid the complicated world of dating outside of a college setting. Dating in the real world is scary, and this list gives me an excuse as to why I don't date certain guys. I need to get over myself and get over my fears; and take each date as it comes, but that's also easier said than done. I have decided to cure myself of this syndrome one step at a time . I am going to start by talking to guys that approach me, but don't "fit my mold" of the ideal guy. I won't limit myself and I could potentially end up going out on some fun dates. Lastly, I challenge all my girl's reading to do the same!

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Racine said...

YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I love this post for you friend! You will meet all the great men, and some not so great ones, once you let go of your fears. You know I'm a proponent!