Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Harlem Heights

I haven't watched BET in years because there is nothing on that channel that appeals to me. I understand that BET stands for Black Entertainment Television but recently, they haven't had any shows to entertain black people over the age of 16, until now. I haven't been able to catch a full episode the new show Harlem Heights yet, but I like the idea of following the life of 20-somethings living in Harlem.

I checked out some clips on Bet.com and the show has great potential. The cast and the city make for a perfect addictive combo, but there's a lack of focus on the "go-getting" aspect of each cast member. For example, Bridget, the show's narrator is in law school but I didn't hear what law school she attends or what year she's in during her introduction. And basically every cast member is on their grind like Bridget, but the show focuses more on the drama than the go-getting. I know people like to watch "drama", but it would be great if the show emphasized the fact that this incredible group of future leaders all work real jobs (unlike other reality shows that shall remain nameless) and also have time to spend with their friends and go to various events in the city. BET is trying to show us in a positive light and there have only been a few episodes, so we'll see what direction they take the show. I'm just happy there's finally a show that portrays young African-Americans in a positive light.

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Racine said...

I feel what you are saying about BET finally having positive shows, but if I must be honest...this one I can do without. You are right, they focus more on the drama instead of the go-getter aspect and the drama isn't even good drama. I have seen 3 episodes and I have now opted to watch "the City" instead. OH man, that's bad isn't it?