Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let Me Buy Him a Drink

That's right, I'm buying him a drink and let me explain why. Ne-Yo told us he likes Ms. Independents and females who "got their own." I wanted to find out if this was really true because I thought guys like being guys. You know what I mean? They like to wear the pants in the relationship or be the pursuer instead of being pursued; they like to take control and take care of a lady. The kind of stuff that makes them feel like a real man because they can provide for a woman. But I also think that deep down inside (even though they don't want to admit it), they wouldn't mind it if a women treated them every once and while. So that's where the idea of "Let me buy him a drink" came from.

Have you ever been out and met or ran into a guy you were interested in? If you guys are engaged in good conversation, ask him if he drinks and if he says yes, then ask him to name his favorite drink and buy it for him. Now that's really Ms. Independent. Tell him guys usually have to pay more to get into parties or clubs, so this one's on you. And this also goes for eating out, regardless of what point of the relationship you're in. If you suggest lunch, then treat him and don't take no for an answer. But if he insists on paying, then tell him he can pay the tip. Just give a it a try. What the worst that could happen?

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