Monday, December 22, 2008

Smokey Holidays

Put your best face forward this holiday with sultry eyes. Why light up the room when you can be smokey hot! Check out the sizzling ladies below, their eyes are truly the windows of their sultry souls.

~First things first, apply the light shadow-ideally taupe/cream color shadow all over the lid including the browbone. Then you must use the medium hue shadow only on the eyelid. Blend away!

Ohh Beyonce, this look just kills the game. After applying the medium dark hue all over the lid, line the bottom and top lid with a black liner. Use the eye liner brush dip it in the darker eyeshadow to shade over the lined bottom to "smoke" out the eye.

~Now you use your crease brush to apply the darkest color on your eye crease. You are literally createing an arc-from your inner eye to the outer. Do this softly or you will create a harsh crease. Check out the models and Rihannas crease below.

~ Apply mascara liberally to the top and bottom lashes-Some of us suede girls lack bottom lashes. Note: Apply lush false lashes to up the ante.

~Set the look with applying bronzer lightly on your skin, this will create a sultry illusion- A winter in Paris smokey eyes with a Saint Tropez face. Gabriel Union effortlessly achieves this. *Note-not all smokey eyes entail dark shadows, blue is used here.

You must balance this dramatic eye with a light nude lip, or else you will fall under the wrong holiday! Check out JLos glow

Smokey Eye Essentials:
Shadow Brush, Crease brush *bristles shaped like a cone*, liner brush, dark liner such as black, grey, or brown. 3 eyeshadows-dark, medium, light. The basic colors are charcoals, taupes, and browns. Mascara. Bronzer/skin colored blush. You want to balance the smokey eye with a nude/light pink gloss.

If this is your first time doing the smokey eye, practice makes perfect. Practice the day before the big party so that everything looks glam that night. If all else fails, holla at me and I will hook it up ;)

How to video: How to create the basic smokey eye

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Portia said...

Wow Melissa. This thing is great! I'm going to give it a try and maybe I can get a date with one of these dudes (with a job) out here.