Monday, December 8, 2008

Fashion worthy of a cause: Human Intonation

For Lady Adele, Hurricane Katrina, Darfur genocide, and the HIV devastation aren't just fatalities to sit back and watch, but to create social awareness for. She is the creative director for the clothing line Human Intonation. The product line consists of t-shirts which dedicates 15% of the proceeds from each sale to one of the non-profit partners. Since the launching of this clothing brand in 2006 she has showcased this line through a full force fashion show, traveled to New Orleans, and is an advocate for raising awareness.

"The New H.I." fashion show raised $1,000 for one of the non-profit partners Hands On New Orleans. The efforts of this fashion show conveyed that, "Katrina is still here." Although its no longer shown on the media, there is still devastation that has yet to be touched upon. erneda traveled with a group to New Orleans this past Thanksgiving to continue her devotion of the Rebuilding of New Orleans.
Each person can do their part in solving these major issues. Simply purchase your chic and 100% organic cotton shirt online at:


Mberenis said...
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Portia said...

Fashion and Compassion, there's not better combination.