Thursday, December 4, 2008

All I want for christmas is Smooth Supple Skin

The temperature has dropped to 40 degrees and below throughout the regions, in order to keep your skin smooth and soft as suede I'm going to share some of my winter proof skin care regimen tips!

My skin is obedient and follows the weathers orders, in summer I'm slick as the sun, and in winter my skin is parched and dry. We must understand our skin and evaluate it quarterly. By this point you should know how your skin reacts during inclement weather. However, just about everyone experiences dryness, tightness, and sometimes peeling during these upcoming months. In order to hydrate the epidermis of the skin, you must first hydrate your body by drinking water daily -6 times a day and those that enjoy a cocktail in between, you must drink 8 cups.

The best way to cheat this weather is by using, ta da! Beauty Products: Creams, Potions, Lotions oh my! Here are the best products for your Suede Visage:

dear john
it's a moisture magnet for your skin
Benefit beauty countersPrice: $32.00

Bliss Fabulous Facewash cleansing and exfoliating gel leaves skin clean, hydrated, and fresh. With Botanicell™ soothing technology, super soft exfoliating beads, rose hips, chamomile, and passion flower, this refreshing cleanser will leave your face feeling fabulous. (Sephora, $9)

You just can't go wrong with Clinique, you can use their skincare sets thats best formulated for you, either way this moisturizer
is the star of the team, Dramatically different moisturizer has been voted readers favorite by Essence and Allure Magazine. This yellow cream provides softness and clarity-how perfect! (Clinique counters, $24)

This is an old school product with a new age look, you can place this all over your body, but for those girls that want that tahitian glow, apply a pea size amount all over your face let it sit for a few minutes, and top off with bronzer applied liberally over your cheeks, nose, and forehead. J-Lo's glow will have nothing on yours! (drugstores, $7.49)

Don't worry, I will be sure to provide more great skincare tips during the summer season!


Portia said...

This is GREAT! Especially the cheap stuff; I like the cheap stuff.

MONAE. said...

great blog.