Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miss Sixty: Fashion week part trois

What would get me out of my warm comfortable bachelorette pad on a Sunday evening in Brooklyn? A Miss Sixty fashion show at Bryant Park!
I thought the fashions were cute, young, and hip-my only issue was that there was no color on the runway! and I'm not talking about threads and material honey!

Here are some of my favs-

Looks like skinny jeans are here to stay! the only twist is that there are embroidery on the jeans and silver acid wash is the new color. I can't imagine silver acid wash being flattering on any girl whose over a size 6 but I try my best to make it work!

This dress pairing with liquid leggings is fierce! This model in person is absolutely stunning.

Is that fishnets I see? Looks like its time to bring them back! I remember wearing these in high school.

Tell me what you think-Would you wear any of these designs walking down the street?

Next stop-Baby Phat!

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