Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fashion Week: Fall 2009 BCBG Max Azria

BCBG Max Azria

Its that time again-Fashion Week! Luckily for me, I work the next block over from the tents so I can see and experience the frenzy first hand. I scored a ticket to the BCBG Max Azria show. How excited was I?! I put on my BCBG Black and White trench coat and walked past security as if I owned the place. It was such a frenzy inside! As I make my way to the bar (yes its 2 pm in the afternoon) this man grabs me and asks if he can interview me-I was taken aback at first but then he said its for hot vintage/high end fashion. I felt fab for a mere 2 minutes as he asked me, what inspired my outfit, I told him that I was a recessionista- I mix high end and low end pieces together as I am all for the environment and impacting the economy-he thought that my outfit was amazing. I thought it was ironic I just pulled a few items out the closet but made it work for me! Sorry I didn't get in a pic of my outfit but I had on my BCBG trench coat, skinny jeans, silver satin booties bamboo purse and hoop earrings with a messy natural curly do. Now that I think about it, I was looking hot! It was so inspiring how as I was being interviewed inside the tents people were staring at me as if thinking, "Who is she, is she famous" "oh she's no one but her outfit is hot".

I loved the show, I'm a BCBG fan so Max can never really go toO wrong. His inspiration in my point of view was the powerful woman. The threads were drapey which is the usual, velvet used in meticulous ways, bright and dark fall colors.

Solange was in attendance and I took this picture of her. She's too funny, I zoomed in on her and she says "Oh thats a booger shot!" She looked so cute.

Next stop: Miss Sixty!

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