Thursday, February 19, 2009

I used to love my Baby Phat!

I was so excited for Baby Phat show! Even regardless of the dilemmna that surrounded the show. Due to the whole recession Kimora wanted to fall back with this show. I think its because she's got a super seed growing inside of her but that's just my opinion.
Kimora's show always closes off Fashion Week with a blinged out bang! This time around she's pregnant, folks are broke, and we just aren't buying as much apparel. Not only did the show run on a Tuesday evening, but it was at Gotham Hall! So not sexy nor fabulous.
The fashions were gawdy, not that fabulous, nor trendy. However I have been a Kimora fan for ages so despite the downfalls I truly enjoyed the glitter, the Cat, and the D-list celebs! i.e Mario, Monica, Teyana Taylor, and Chrisette Michel.
What do you think?

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Portia said...

First, the title of this post is too funny. And I think the clothes are normal, not something you want to see at a fashion show, let alone fashion week. I could find half of that stuff in Macy's, and I'm talking about regular old Security Mall Macy's