Monday, August 25, 2008

Men We've Been Running Into

Melissa came across this on the Michelle Obama's facebook page:
"Michelle, you are such an inspiration! Can you teach me and my friends how to strategically implement a foolproof plan to obtain a man like Barack and cultivate a nurturing relationship? ‘Cause the men we’ve been running into aren’t s**t!"

Least to say, this is rather bold statement to put on the future first lady's page, but this girl has a point. Fade said, Michelle met her husband at an ivy league school so maybe she should go to an ivy league and find a man like Barack too. Stop chasing jerseys and bling; open a book. Don't we all wish it was that easy?

Many black people admire the Obama family as the "ideal" picture of the strong black family. A handsome successful college educated man, his stunning and equally successful wife, and their beautiful children. Yes, they are the perfect image; but will we ever find the strong black male who can cultivate that nurturing relationship? Only time will tell.....

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