Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Been Too Long....

I think it's been nearly two months since I last posted on this thing. When life happens, well, you've gotta live! I've been busy living life, and that's all there is to it. I am currently in my last year of graduate school and looking to pursue a Doctoral or MD program. I'm on the hustle. So while Portia has been chronicling her job search stories, I'm trying to chronicle my application, thesis, and professional netowrking experiences. It has been somewhat challenging to balance both the academic and social realm, however, I am more than a conqueror and I've been rather successful in my conquest.

The Thesis: I chose to look at perceptions of obesity amongst public health students and the implications it has for future health policy and public health initiatives. I'm currently going through the University's IRB processs, and that is an experience in of itself. Thank God for a wonderful advisor and benefactors who have aided me along the way. The key to a successful thesis project is establishing realistic deadlines and measurable outcomes. The goal for September: survey roll out to study participants.... I'll let you know how that goes

DrPH or MD?: That is the question. I attended a career workshop this past weekend, and one of the things the keynote speaker told me was that I am confused about my long-term goals. I am equally concerned about Prevention and Treatment; however, I'm debating where my impact will be most felt. I'm simultaneously applying to DrPH, Post-Bacc, and Medical school programs. One thing is for sure: my purpose lies in the medical field.

Professional Networking: I've kinda become lapse in this regard. I don't attend many happy hours these days and I haven't attended a conference in a while. The CBC conference in this week, so I may try to hit up a couple of events. Afterall, it was at last year's CBC that I learned of the opportunity to be a contributor to Empower News Magazine. There are some upcoming Health Reform Conferences and Hearings that I may try to attend, so that's also great. OOOO and my professors this semester are bomb! One of my professors is the former Public Health Commissioner of Massachusetts and the other one is a figurehead in the field of Public Health. I'm trying to be the best student possible :)

Case in Point: Don't Burn Your Bridges; Surround yourself with those who can take you to the next level

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